TRICK 3D Powers Remote Selling and Product Sales

As the effects of COVID-19 demand physical distance between companies and their customers, it’s important now more than ever to create meaningful connections. Even though face-to-face sales are largely not an option right now, there is a way to showcase product value and keep sales teams functional: fully digital remote selling.

Some of the world’s best-known brands have trusted us with their remote sales needs, including STANLEY Infrastructure, Delta Air Lines and others. 

By creating the high-quality digital models of their tools and products, STANLEY Infrastructure’s sales group is well positioned to conduct remote sales.

TRICK 3D enables digital product experiences which empowers sales people to more effectively generate revenue remotely. Our sales solutions keep product showcases and selling presentations dynamic while also keeping them remote.

Our remote sales platform houses sales materials including:

Product 3d models
Sales sheets


Access what you need, when you need it via your mobile device, tablet or computer.

Everything you need lives in the remote sales platform and can be accessed alongside the product image or 3D model.

Additionally, our platform allows you to capture customer data and have that data sync back to your CRM.


Whether working from 3D models, existing video or still imagery, our visualization services and our remote sales platform combine to showcase your products in life-like ways - all from the convenience of a mobile application and web browser.


Augmented Reality (AR) puts the digital asset into your buyer’s space, allowing the customer to experience product sizes, scale and features, all from the safety of their home or remote office.


Customers need to see product functionalities in a relatable way. Our animations and call-outs showcase product abilities with photo-realistic looks and features, helping customers fully understand product benefits and how it works.